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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most popular questions we have received from our users. For a complete list of FAQ please click HERE.

Q. How do I pair my PTT Voice Responder with my smartphone?

A. When pairing for the first time, press the Power button on your device for 3 seconds to turn on your Voice Responder and get into pairing mode. When your device is in pairing mode (LED blinking in green), enter your smartphone’s Bluetooth menu and search for your device using the Bluetooth friendly name printed on the back of your Voice Responder. Then follow the normal pairing process on your phone.
If this is not the first time the PTT Voice Responder is being paired, please read more about single pairing.

Q. Why do not all the buttons on my PTT Voice Responder have a function?

A. Every time you press a button on your PTT Voice Responder, this is sent as “pressed” and “released” command to your smartphone. On the other hand, the PTT application on your phone assigns these commands to certain functions in the application. So how and which of the buttons function with the app depend on the app developers. If you have suggestions for button functions that are unassigned, please contact your app provider or leave us a comment here.

Q. What is Covert Mode and how do I activate it?

A. When the PTT Voice Responder is put into Covert Mode, the LED indications will be turned off and the speaker completely muted. You will only be able to hear incoming audio through a connected headset. To activate or deactivate this mode, you need to press both soft buttons (< + >) simultaneously for 3 seconds.

Q. Which apps are compatible with the PTT Voice Responder?

The following apps are compatible with the PTT Voice Responder: Zello, ESChat, AT&T Enhanced PTT, Verizon PTT Plus, Nova Talk, TangoTango, Talk-IP, GroupTalk, TeamVox, TASSTA, Azetti, PushCom (Wireless Technologies Finland), Kodiak Networks, and Walkie Fleet.

You can find quick guides on how to connect the PTT Voice Responder to these apps from the User Manuals and Quick Guides section. Please contact us if you have further questions about the compatibility of the applications mentioned above or any other found in the Apple App Store/ Google Play Store.

For developers

If you are developing an application and want to know how to make it work with AINA’s PTT Voice Responder or PTT Smart Button, read the following documents:

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