AINA’s PTT Voice Responder is a next generation speaker-microphone which can be connected via Bluetooth to iOS and Android smartphones. The device is designed to work with different walkie talkie style Push-to-Talk applications, featuring several buttons which the application developers can assign different functions to. Users can remotely control functions such as push-to-talk, phone calls, channel switching and emergency alerts, while keeping their phone in a safe place and preserving their phone’s battery. Watch our product video to learn more:


Glen Mann
“Someone in engineering at AINA Wireless was really paying attention to customer needs in terms of ergonomic design and Bluetooth protocols. Having the IP67 rating gives me the confidence to take the device wherever needed while doing my job.” Complete Testimonial.
Glen Mann / Field Sales Engineer - Process Technology, Inc.
Bonita Stevens
“I get a lot of great feedback from the drivers praising the sound quality of the Voice Responder.” Complete Testimonial.
Bonita Stevens / Transportation Supervisor, Lyon County School District

High Quality Audio

Whether you work in a noisy, loud or windy environment, the PTT Voice Responder features crisp and clear audio quality. The fine tuned audio gain control and wideband audio, together with DSP software for noise suppression, echo cancellation and wind noise reduction allows users to use their AINA device in any situation.

Overall the PTT Voice Responder features:

  • A sound pressure level of 105dB at 10cm
  • Wideband audio
  • Noise suppression
  • Echo cancellation
  • Wind noise reduction


The PTT Voice Responder has been designed from beginning to end with the users needs and safety in mind. First, we have made sure that the device can last through any critical situation. With several environmental MIL-STD 810G tests passed and an Ingress Protection of 67, the device is extremely durable and reliable. Also, we have ensured the safety of the device by passing and acquiring CE, FCC (ID: 2AH78-APTT1) and IC (ID: 21419-APTT1) certification.

Buttons and Features


Smart Charging Solutions

AINA’s Smart Charging Solutions consisting of the AINA Vehicle Cradle (AVC1), the single unit Desktop Cradle (ADC1) and the five unit Desktop Charger (ADC5) are the perfect additions to the Voice Responder for any application. The cradles help to alleviate the logistics around charging or even eliminate charging needs completely. They reduce failure rates due to broken charging ports and provide robust and simple ways to keep the Voice Responder charged.

  • The Vehicle Cradle (AVC1) provides a DOT compliant and secure cradle to place and use the Voice Responder while charging it
  • The Desktop Cradle (ADC1) is optimal for use on desktops and service counter desks to keep the workspace organized and professional
  • The five unit Desktop Charger (ADC5) is designed for use in mass deployments of communication solutions where large numbers of users require a simple charging solution to handle the logistics around charging and asset tracking


Compatible PTT applications

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