AINA’s PTT Smart Button is a Bluetooth key that remotely controls your smartphone’s Push-to-Talk and other iOT applications. It features a PTT button, a multifunction button, and an emergency button. It also supports Near Field Communication (NFC) touch pairing.

Simply, pair your PTT Smart Button, open the PTT app, and connect your headphones to the phone to start communicating.

Multiple uses and users

Within many working environments there is the need for discrete communication.

The PTT Smart Button, combined with a headset, can be connected to an in-vehicle Bluetooth system or smartphone, and attached to a shirt, steering wheel or key-chain for example.

This AINA device has been made for professionals in the transportation, hospitality, healthcare, and security industry.

Buttons and Features

Main push-to-talk button. This button has been designed to be big enough so that it is not mistaken with any other button and can easily be pressed even when wearing gloves. When connected to a PTT application, this button functions as a remote push-to-talk button to send messages to a contact or group, allowing the users to keep their phone in their pocket.

Additional multifunction button. Depending on the app, this smaller button could be used as a secondary PTT button, or for contact scrolling or repeating messages.

Emergency button. The device includes an emergency button for situations in which the users need to urgently contact their dispatcher, send a call alert, or call for back-up for example. The button is situated at the top of the device, separate from the other buttons, so it is not pressed by mistake.

Enhanced grip. AINA has added a subtle textured finish to the sides of the PTT Smart Button to enhance grip, and avoid the device from slipping off the users hands.

Connection And Pairing

Bluetooth Low Energy. The PTT Smart Button uses Bluetooth Low Energy (a.k.a. Bluetooth Smart) for connecting, communicating and sending all button commands to the phone and application. Using this type of technology has two benefits. First, Bluetooth LE is more power-efficient than Bluetooth Classic, overall extending the PTT Smart Button’s battery life. Second, the BLE technology supports connection and transmission of data within milliseconds, allowing for real-time operation and minimal latency.

Simple Pairing. AINA has also one additional pairing method:

NFC Touch Pairing. The PTT Smart Button includes a Near Field Communication (NFC) tag which allows the pairing to be made with a simple touch of the device and smartphone.

(NOTE! The functionality of this pairing process is dependent on the smartphone model and application in use)



Compatible PTT applications

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