Depending on where and how you are using your AINA PTT Voice Responder or PTT Smart Button, you might want to consider the following accessories to complete your communication solution.

AINA Vehicle Charger

The AINA Vehicle Charger is a charging cradle specially designed for AINA PTT Voice Responder users who are looking for a safe and simple way of using their Bluetooth speaker mic while driving.

Designed for the use in light, medium or heavy duty trucks and construction vehicles, the AINA Vehicle Charger provides a safe and user friendly location for the AINA Voice Responder.

  • Simulates the same movement to take out and put back the mic that drivers are used to from old CB radio mics
  • Cradle provides continuous charging for RSM without interfering with incoming communication
  • Keeps the Voice Responder stable even during heavy vibrations
  • Lanyard provides additional safety to recover device when dropped

Compatible with all major mount manufacturers, the AINA Vehicle Charger can easily be installed alongside any tablet or mobile phone holder.

  • Use integrated solutions provided by major mount manufacturers
  • Use splitter bars to extend your existing tablet mount
  • Install directly to the dash
  • Use any standard AMPs hole pattern or male 1⁄4”-20 threaded steel stud
  • Connected through a standard 5V male USB connector

AINA Headsets