What is the difference between AINA’s PTT Voice Responder and other Bluetooth Speaker Microphones?

AINA has built a remote PTT control device with a smartphone in mind. AINA wants to allow you to keep your phone in your pocket and use as many functions of your PTT app remotely. Push to Talk via cellular network has only been around since the mid 2000s. The first generation of Bluetooth speaker microphones were technologically not very different from walkie-talkie accessories, just without the cable. AINA’s device has been designed based on the latest embedded Bluetooth technology, A2DP and wideband audio, and most importantly, the versatility of smartphones and modern IP networks. This makes the AINA PTT Voice Responder a 2nd generation Bluetooth Remote Speaker Microphone for first responders and enterprise users.

Does the PTT Voice Responder comply with Military Standard 810G?

Yes, AINA’s device has passed the following MIL STD 810 G tests:

  • Test Method 500.5 Low Pressure (Altitude)
  • Test Method 501.5 High Temperature
  • Test Method 502.5 Low Temperature
  • Test Method 503.5 Temperature Shock
  • Test Method 504.1 Contamination by Fluids
  • Test Method 505.5 Solar Radiation
  • Test Method 507.5 Humidity
  • Test Method 509.5 Salt Fog
  • Test Method 514.6 Vibration
  • Test Method 516.6 Shock
Is the PTT Voice Responder waterproof?

Yes, the PTT Voice Responder has an Ingress Protection of 67. These numbers stand for:

  • 6 = dust tight and;
  • 7 = protection against immersion, up to 1 m depth.
If the PTT Voice Responder is waterproof, why doesn’t it have rubber covers for the charger and headset jack?

The headset connector and the USB charging connector are waterproof components of the PTT Voice Responder. Even though they cost us more in the production of the device, we believe that rubber covers would not be as reliable as they may come off after heavy use or simply by accident. Therefore, we decided to have the device be waterproof at the component level.

Why does the clip have a hole in it?

The clip’s loophole fits exactly a Parachute Cord 550 that is used by the military. Even though the clip is designed to be very strong, you may want to connect your device to a carabiner, a key chain or a Cord 550 to be extra sure.

Why is the PTT Voice Responder so thin and lightweight?

Many companies design remote speaker microphones for people with uniform or thick jackets in mind. However, we have also thought about users in a t-shirt or button-down. If your RSM is bulky then it will hang forward with a frown face down. With a flat construction and even weight distribution your device will stay heads up where it’s supposed to be.

Why is there a rim around the emergency button?

We hope you never need the emergency button, but if you do, then we wanted to make sure you could find it even when it’s dark and don’t mistake it with the power button. At the same time, we wanted to prevent you from pressing the button by accident.

Pairing and Connectivity

How do I pair my PTT Voice Responder with my smartphone?

When pairing for the first time, press the Power button on your device for 3 seconds to turn on your Voice Responder and get into pairing mode. When your device is in pairing mode (LED blinking in green), enter your smartphone’s Bluetooth menu and search for your device using the Bluetooth friendly name printed on the back of your Voice Responder. Then follow the normal pairing process on your phone.

If this is not the first time the PTT Voice Responder is being paired, please read more about single pairing below.

What does single pairing mean?

Single pairing means that the device can only be paired to one smartphone at a time. This facilitates the connection process and makes the use of the Voice Responder more secure. For example, in an office setting where several Voice Responders are being paired to smartphones at the same time, it is best that the device can only pair to one phone to avoid confusion. Also, it keeps your communication line stable and secure as no other phone near you may pair with the device at the same time. If you would like to pair your Voice Responder with another phone, you must press both PTT buttons and soft buttons (< + >) for 5 seconds to reset the device and active its pairing mode. Also, you must ensure that the phone you are pairing your device to does not have in its Bluetooth memory any previous pairings with the PTT Voice Responder. Do this by ‘forgetting’ the previous pairing from the Bluetooth menu.

Why is my PTT Voice Responder not connecting to my smartphone?

This can happen when you haven’t turned your phone off in a long time. Smartphones need to be turned completely off at times. Try to turn your phone off, keep it off for a minute and then turn it back on. Then it should connect again.

Why does my PTT Voice Responder appear as Kodiak-PTT on the Bluetooth menu and the PTT button doesn't work anymore?

Kodiak-PTT is a mode that is necessary with some specific PTT applications like AT&T Enhanced Push-to-Talk and Bell Next-Generation Push-to-Talk. To change it back to the normal AINA mode:

1. Remove all previous pairings on your phone to the PTT Voice Responder (Kodiak and AINA ones).
2. Turn on the PTT Voice Responder by pressing the Power button for more than 3 seconds.
3. Then, perform a software reset by pressing and holding both soft (arrow) buttons and both PTT buttons simultaneously, until the LED blinks once in yellow.
4. Finally, put the Voice Responder into Storage mode, by pressing the Power and Emergency button simultaneously; after the beep, first release the Power button and then the Emergency button. Afterwards, you can turn on your device from the Power button as usual.

Buttons and LED Light

Can I turn the flashing blue LED light off?

Yes, you can do this by pressing the left soft button (<) for 3 seconds (perform the same action to turn it back on). However, only the flashing LED will be suppressed, while all other LED functions will continue to be enabled.

I have paired my PTT Voice Responder, but the PTT button doesn’t work.

There is no Bluetooth standard for PTT. Once the PTT Voice Responder is paired and connected, your phone will only send and receive audio through the device, without PTT however. The PTT functionality has to be enabled within your chosen PTT application. To find out how to set up your app with the AINA device, please look at our Product Manuals and Quick Guides section. If you cannot find a guide for your app, please contact us for assistance.

Why do not all the buttons on my PTT Voice Responder have a function?

Every time you press a button on your PTT Voice Responder, this is sent as “pressed” and “released” command to your smartphone. On the other hand, the PTT application on your phone assigns these commands to certain functions in the application. So how and which of the buttons function with the app depend on the app developers. If you have suggestions for button functions that are unassigned, please contact your app provider or leave us a comment here.

Modes and States

What is Covert Mode and how do I activate it?

When the PTT Voice Responder is put into Covert Mode, the LED indications will be turned off and the speaker completely muted. You will only be able to hear incoming audio through a connected headset. To activate or deactivate this mode, you need to press both soft buttons (< + >) simultaneously for 3 seconds.

Why can’t I hear audio or talk even though my device is on and paired?

You may have accidentally put your device into Covert Mode. You can test whether this mode is on by connecting a headset to your Voice Responder. If you can hear audio indications and messages through the headphone, this means that Covert mode is activated, and to return to normal mode you must press both soft buttons simultaneously for 3 seconds. If that doesn’t solve the issue, try to reset the device by pressing both PTT buttons and both soft buttons simultaneously for 5 seconds. If the problem persists, please contact us.


When do I know that my PTT Voice Responder is fully charged?

A solid red LED light indicates that the PTT Voice Responder is charging. When the light turns green the device is fully charged.

I have developed an app, how do I make it work with AINA?

You can use the information found in the following documents to develop your application:

Which apps are compatible with the PTT Voice Responder?

The following apps are compatible with the PTT Voice Responder:

  • Zello
  • ESChat
  • AT&T Enhanced PTT
  • Verizon PTT Plus
  • Talk-IP
  • GroupTalk
  • TeamVox
  • Azetti
  • PushCom (Wireless Technologies Finland)
  • Kodiak Networks
  • Walkie Fleet
  • Nova Talk
  • TangoTango

You can find quick guides on how to connect the PTT Voice Responder to these apps from the User Manuals and Quick Guides section. Please contact us if you have further questions about the compatibility of the applications mentioned above or any other found in the Apple App Store/ Google Play Store.

Can I use any headset with the PTT Voice Responder?

AINA’s device has a standard 3.5mm headset jack, so most headsets work with it. However, a standard connector has four pins: left and right earpiece, microphone and ground function, and there is no industry standard on how to arrange these pins on a connector. This can cause a misalignment between the headset and our device. The headsets that are available on our web shop have been tested by AINA and we can guarantee that they to work. If you prefer to buy the headset elsewhere or use your own, it’s very likely that it will work (especially if it does not come with a microphone), but unfortunately we cannot guarantee it for the given reasons. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Can I return my PTT Voice Responder?

We understand that you may have 2nd thoughts. We give a 15 day money back guarantee on single unit purchases if you return the device to us in the same condition you received it, including the box and everything that came with it. Please see our return policy  for terms and restrictions and on how to return your product to us.

How long is your guarantee?

We give a warrantee on our products for 2 years. This covers craftsmanship and material. However, the warrantee excludes the battery and does not warrant functionality with 3rd party software (PTT apps). For more details see our terms & conditions.

Where do I register my purchased product and validate its warranty coverage?

To register your product and validate the warranty coverage, please visit our Warranty Registration page.

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