PTT Voice Responder

Remote Push-to-Talk control for your Walkie-Talkie iPhone & Android Smartphone app. Keep your phone at a safe place and stay connected.


Use with iOS & Android on Zello, ESChat, Azetti, Talk-IP, Wireless Technologies Finland, GroupTalk, Walkie-Fleet, TASSTA, 24/7-net and other Push-to-Talk Smartphone Apps. 

Bluetooth Speaker Microphones, headsets and accessories for professional communication. 

The AINA Wireless PTT Voice Responder is a rugged and loud remote PTT control for iOS and Android.Yesterday there were Walkie-Talkies, today there is an app for that. Actually, over a hundred million people worldwide already use PTT apps. Learn more about what is Push-to-Talk over IP and why professionals have grown user habits of operating rugged and loud accessories for Push-to-Talk.

Made in Finland: AINA Wireless develops and manufactures wireless remote speaker microphones in Salo, Finland. AINA has years of experience in building hardware and software for wireless communication products. 

From radio frequency to internet protocol (IP): AINA’s mission is to to converge grown user habits of public safety and industrial professionals with IP based Push-to-Talk technology. AINA is replacing Walkie-Talkies communication with new PTT communication devices.

Be sure to check out our videos on how to use with Zello application.

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